26 Juli 2012

Fasting wisdom

My brethren and blessed God,
Any worship which is prescribed in Islam must have wisdom; there is already known and there are lessons that are still hidden. There are already clear to people and there is still a secret. Knowledge of this lesson is important because with it one would be more motivated in running the charity as well as the stronger conviction for having a sense of legitimacy.

But the bottom line is that wisdom is not a determinant or key in running a charity. And this is what distinguishes between the liberal people who believe that real, mukminuuna haqqa. For people who are extremely liberal place than nash syar'i sense, worship is not executed until the known silver lining. As for the faithful, as long as there is proof that the order, the charity will be done; already known or has not been a silver lining. Lessons can be thought of / wanted without leaving charities: the wisdom that was revealed later, thank God, he could strengthen the continuity of charity; if anything turns up to the end of the age of wisdom not as well known, it does not mean deciding which charity had clear arguments.

Verily, Allah does not need any of His servants. On the contrary, man is in desperate need of Allah SWT. Similarly in the charity / worship, God does not require human worship. If all people worship God, or none of worship, God remains the Lord of Worlds, the Lord of hosts is His power will not be reduced. Thus, the wisdom of worship by man also will return to man.
Fasting is for Me and I shall requite (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Ramadan fasting-especially-has a number of lessons and serious benefits for humans. In general, the wisdom of fasting can be classified into three; wisdom ruhiyah, medical wisdom, and social wisdom.

wisdom ruhiyah
Fasting is worship that directly touch the spiritual dimension. This share is even larger than in other acts of worship. If the charity has the dimensions of a great treasure; in prayer there is still a dimension of motion, and the pilgrimage has a dimension of movement and property are also large, fast lebihconcern the spiritual dimension. Hence there is a lot of wisdom in fasting ruhiyah this, such as:

A. Fasting purifies the human soul
By running fast, man has chosen to refrain from things that are actually halal for him. From sunrise to sunset with the man to refrain from eating, drinking, and sex. If he wanted he could have done it. After all, no one knows. While at home is covered, in a locked room, no one else who knows if he ate or drank. But he did not do so because Allah SWT.
He's not eating, not drinking, and not related to his wife for me. Fasting is for Me and I will give him the reward (Bukhari and Muslim)

This is where the wisdom of fasting; train someone for abstinence syahwatnya which is an inherent part of the impurities of the soul. It can clean it up because the fasting is no compulsion to put the brakes on a variety of human desires dicenderungi. Though often heart disease and mental impurities arise precisely when one is out of control to obey all his wishes.

2. Raised fasting spiritual element in the material element in human beings
Allah created human beings from the elemental material and immaterial elements; soil and soul. When the man who tends to keep the soil elements in the world then the position will go down even more than animals.
They are like cattle, nay even more astray. They are the ones who fail. (Surat al-A'raf: 179)

Conversely, when the human spirit that tends to follow the elements of the afterlife and love the things nuanced sky, then his position will soar to a degree angel.

At the time of fasting, in a very hot day earth elements in man asked for a drink. But he preferred to win the spiritual element to remain abstinent. Similarly, when hungry, and there is an invitation to eat solid earth elements. He won a spiritual element to keep hold of hunger until it's time to break. More than that, he also won the spiritual element in the verbal, auditory, and thoughts are with him fast.

Spiritual victory is what will bring true happiness for human beings in the presence of his Lord someday.
The person who fasts has two happiness, when he broke it open and happy to meet his Lord when he was happy with his fast. (Agreed alaih)

3. Fasting is exercise patience
Patience is the essence of restraint. Refrain from the urge to immediately have or do something negative. Fasting is used patience, because in our fast refrain from fulfilling something that became staples of everyday people are eating and drinking. Abstaining from the habit of not to do when fasting such as drinking coffee or tea in the morning, snacking during the day, and so forth.

This patience eventually erodes malice. A reflection of impatience over what is in us than what is on someone else.

Liberty Aries

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